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7 Locations to Serve you.

Medical Laboratories of Windsor Services

Specimen Collection Services

7  Specimen Collection Centres

Conveniently located in the community.

Mobile Services Available

Home Lab Services & Nursing/Retirement Homes

Sessional Services

Offering services at clinics throughout Windsor/Essex County on selective days.


Chemical analysis of body fluids to aid in diagnosis and treatment

Anatomical Pathology

Preparation of biopsied tissue samples to be processed and stained for microscopic examination to assist in diagnosis.


Complete blood counts (CBC) with differentials and microscopic examination of blood films to aid in diagnosing.

Urine Specimen Processing

Chemical and Microscopic Analysis of Urine


Preparation of gynaecological and non-gynaecological specimens for microscopic examination, staining, screening and reporting of slides.

Specimen Procurement & Handling

Routine Blood Collection & Specimen Handling


Detection and growth of microorganisms and their antibiotic resistance


Available by appointment only. Call 519-258-1991

Clinical Laboratory Testing

Medical Laboratories of Windsor is equipped to offer in-house Clinical Laboratory Testing in all of these areas.



Year Founded






Part of your community.

Medical Laboratories of Windsor (MLW) was founded in 1962 and has remained a leader in providing specimen procurement, transportation services of specimens and laboratory supplies, laboratory testing and reporting of results in a timely matter in the community of Windsor Essex County. MLW has a state-of-the-art facility featuring advanced laboratory technology which allows us to measure many tests in house ensuing accurate results are available immediately to physicians to assist in patient care. MLW proudly stands behind its skilled and trained professional staff providing high quality medical laboratory service to patients and physicians in our community.

Health News

News and updates provided by our Health Partners.

7 Locations throughout Windsor/Essex

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