Post Vasectomy Instructions

No appointment is necessary. Drop off specimen within 4 hours of collection at any MLW SCC site.

 Patient instructions for collection:


  1. It is required that the patient abstains from ejaculation for 2-3 days, (but not more than 7 days) before sample collection.
  2. Specimen must be collected in the sealed, sterile container provided by Medical Laboratories of Windsor. Use of any other container or condom may render the sperm immobile and cannot be accepted for testing.
  3. Collect specimen directly into the container by masturbation. If a portion of the specimen is lost, the rest should be discarded and collection attempted at a later date.
  4. Close the container tightly and place in a paper bag to protect from light. Keep near the body to maintain body temperature during the journey to the laboratory.
  5. Label the container with your first and last name, date and time of collection. Complete the information requested. Refer to the Post Vasectomy form.
  6. Post Vasectomy Samples may be dropped off at any MLW location from Monday to Saturday. The patient’s health card must accompany the sample in order to process.
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