My Lab Results


This service is available for routine tests only.

Access your test results. All that’s needed is a cell phone number or email for notification that results are completed.

Let the receptionist know you would like to access your test results.

Give them your preference for contact (email or text message).

The Phlebotomist will give you an access code and you will receive an email with instructions and a password to access your results.


Please read all instructions before beginning:

  1. You will receive a message (either by email or text depending on what you chose when you signed up for online results).
  2. Click on the link that was received in the “Your results are ready” message.  Alternately, you may click here.
  3. Access code: This 10-digit # was given to you when you visited Medical Laboratories of Windsor and requested online results
  4. Password: The randomly generated password is located in the “Your results are ready” message that you received


*See FAQs for more information


I visited a sessional, non MLW site or had a home lab visit. Can I receive my online patient report? 


No, you must visit an MLW location for specimen collection to receive your online patient report.  You must agree, in person, to receive your lab results and provide your e-mail address or cell phone code to MLW staff.



What happens if my e-mail or cell phone number given is incorrect, or has changed?


The MLW staff member will confirm both your e-mail and phone number before you leave the specimen collection center.  If you leave without confirmation, you must call our client services department to make the correction. (519-258-1991 ext. 0)



I have visited the lab before for specimen collection; can I receive the results from my previous visits via My Lab Results?


No, results are available on a per visit basis and are only made available for 30 days after your visit. Results may be saved or printed (PDF).



What is my password to login to My Lab Results?


Your password will be sent to you in your email.



I received my results online; Do I still need to see my doctor?


It is imperative to remember that patient reports are not a replacement for care or consultation from your healthcare provider.


When can I expect my patient results to be ready to view?


Normally you will receive your results between 24 to 48 hours after collection.


What if I don’t have an email address? Can I still use this service? 


Patient notification instructions can be accessed through e-mail or text message.


I had multiple tests, why are some of my results not available online


Results that are not shown in your patient report will be provided to your healthcare provider.  Results from reference labs or results that require interpretation are only available through your health care provider.


How long are my reports available online?


Results are available for 30 days. If you wish to access your reports beyond this time parameter, it is recommended that you save a PDF copy of your results to your computer.



What happens if I lose my access code given to me by MLW staff?


You will need to call the MLW Client services department to receive your access code.  (519-258-1991 ext.0)


What if I have multiple requisitions?  Will both results be available via the same access code? 


If you have two or more requisitions, you may leave with two access codes.  Your email will have the passwords for the access codes.  Once the first confirmation email is received, try the first access code provided to login.  If unsuccessful, try the second access code provided and ensure you have entered in your password correctly.  If problems persist, please call MLW for assistance.


Why can’t I review my results? 


The latest version of Adobe Reader must be installed on your computer to view your lab results.  Some of your results may only be available through your health care provider.


What if I do not receive an email? What if I deleted the email in error? 


Please call MLW for assistance; 519-258-1991 ext. 230