An MLT specializing in the study of cells.

  • Prepares and examines body cells from all body sites under a microscope to detect abnormalities for early detection of disease
  • Prepares analysis reports
  • Ability to organize and prioritize workflow based on urgency of results while ensuring specimen integrity and suitability
  • Ability to recognize altered cellular morphology and can differentiate between clinically significant and insignificant findings
  • Ensures accurate documentation in a timely manner
  • Knowledge of QC procedures and rules in daily practice
  • Performs required equipment maintenance and logs
  • Current registration with CMLTO with current professional portfolio


Job Type: Full-time, Permanent


COVID-19 considerations:
Covid-19 precautions: all proper PPE controls as directed by Public Health and MLW’s quality management system, are stringently followed at MLW.

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